Welcome to Robertson's the Larder



During the summer months the farm produces our delicious fresh soft fruit, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries and blackcurrants as well as our orchard which supplies the farm shop with Bramley apples, various types of eating apples, Victoria plums and Damsons if the birds don’t get them first!

Use our berries to make delicious seasonal puddings such as a filled pavlova with cream and fruit, a perfect end to a summer B-B-Q.  Summer pudding, fruit flans, sorbets, smoothies or just quite simply on their own with either ice-cream, yoghurt, crème fraiche or cream.

Pop a few berries into a fluted glass, add a measure of raspberry cordial and top up with Proscecco, perfect on a warm evening after a busy day.  Sit back and just let all your worries fade away.



On our farm we rear and produce free range high quality pork including our seriously delicious sausages, roasts, fillet and chops alongside free range lamb.  Our meats are full of flavour and you can enjoy it knowing that the animals have been cared for ethically and with dignity and respect.  Our animals roam freely throughout their lives doing exactly what nature intended them to do and this ultimately is evident in the finished product as the rich full flavour of the meat shines through.



We all know by now how important it is to eat well and healthily, here at The Larder the family  for generations have been growing potatoes, all different varieties for whatever dish you are preparing.

The farm shop only stocks seasonal veg unlike supermarkets that make customers think veg is available all the year round.  If you eat vegetables in the season they are meant to be grown in they simply taste so much better than if they were forced or kept at an ambient temperature in order to stop them going off.